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About me


Alexander is an exceptionally versatile and driven professional leader, with a can-do attitude. Alexander is specialized in high voltage cable systems with a majority of his 9 years’ experience in refineries. Having worked with trans-national corporations, he has gained extensive experience in managing ‘multi-million-dollar’ projects.

His key skills include, but not limited to, submarine cable installation, experience in 550kV terminations, managing internationals projects for high-voltage terminations, cable system installation and its testing. On Alexanders’ projects installed more than half a thousand of installed HV terminations, hundreds of kilometers HV cable pulled & tested.

Alexander spearhead’s growth and develops solutions to continuously improve processes that streamline workflow, reduce cost, mitigate risk and drive projects forward. Alexander is a respected and communicative leader who manages successfully projects and business principles across all levels of personnel to drive change and deliver excellence and safety across the workplace.


  • Project estimation
  • Project scheduling
  • Contract execution
  • Control over project
  • Contract completion
  • Global economic activities
  • 550kV cable systems installation & testing
  • Submarine cable pulling
  • Civil & construction works
  • Active use of latest software
  • Leader, work for result behavior
  • System approach with aspiration to reduce operation activities against system one
  • Understanding what you can and can’t do
  • Digging into client/employees’ motivation


  • 9 years of experience in 550kV cable systems installation: cable pulling, terminations installation, civil & construction preparation
  • Submarine cable systems installation: cable-installation complex & vessels preparation, under-water trench preparation, diving works, hydrographic survey
  • Cable systems electrical testing including over-voltage & AC-resonance
  • Cable fault-finding (damage location)
  • Working in high-risk environments such as petrochemistry factories, other explosive environments, off-shore, mountains
  • Organization of site construction camp & construction base


  • Equipment, employees, financial resources preparation
  • Preparation meeting with construction, legal, finance team
  • Equipment, employee budget scheduling
  • Quality control & check-lists mandatory usage
  • Pushing employees motivation button
  • Communication & documents exchange: digital-signatures, document exchange centralization & version control, cloud synchronization with each team member; project protocols & politics with short and concise language (straight-forward tasks). Core tasks should be clearly visible to employees
  • Risk assessment: project insurance, unexpected costs estimation, finance-risk schedule
  • Contractors’ management
  • (!) releasing my managers from micro-management
Alexander Kozak

Who is Alexander?

The person who can take your construction company to the next level


Instructions, Procedures & Checklists

From the outside-view construction site may look ok, but in fact, it is a constant fight with chaos. There are weather conditions, project documentation mistakes, difficulties with finding getting qualified employees, materials constraints, legal authorities, clients/contractors, safety, motivation and much more.

I am deeply convinced that in construction company instructions, procedures & checklists are mandatory things to normally operate & gain profit.

There is nothing wrong to make mistakes. But it is very bad to do it twice. A checklist & work instructions are the solution. Each not done mistake is saved time and money. By the end of each milestone, the good practice is to append learned lessons to a checklist.

It is easy to demand employees to comply with written requirements than ephemeral ones. If something is not written it doesn’t exist.

From lessons learned we are coming to operational procedures. The idea of operational procedures is to release management from the swamp of micro-management & operational activities. Managers should collect all together & get the job done. But what about your thoughts? What about your vision of the future? Your ambitions? You would achieve nothing if you stuck, stuck in micro-management and operational activities. Operational procedures are the solution.

All documents should be short & laconic. No need to describe how vessels should surf the far oceans. Human memory is not infinite. Do this as you do it for yourself.

Quality that Become Mastery

Why does the Switzerland wristwatch have the best quality? Because of craftsmanship, time, and discipline. The watch will be done when it will be done, quality can’t be rushed. If one piece will fail, the piece of art will become an odd job for the cost of a new car. After failure may the company say about passing mastery from generation to generation? Guess not. That is why the watch will be done when it will be done.

And that is the reason why people votes for mastery with their own hundred of thousands of dollar.

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